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Tesla Truck News

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Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Killer: GM CEO Teases Own Electric Truck, 'I'm Excited'
General Motors sees a big opportunity in the emerging electric pickup trucks. According to a CNBC report, CEO Mary Barra commented excitedly about the new segment that is in limelight after Tesla’s ...

Published: Dec 05, 2019 @ 11:35:00 AM
Source: International Business Times

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Tesla Cybertruck might not fit your garage, AR app cautions
A video posted Friday by YouTuber Tesla Raj shows an augmented reality app portraying a life-sized Cybertruck in his garage, and guess what? It doesn't fit. The app depicts the electric pickup truck ...

Published: Dec 06, 2019 @ 06:30:00 AM
Source: CNET

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Police: Driver claims Tesla on auto-pilot when hitting 2 cars on I-95
NORWALK — Connecticut State Police were stopped behind a disabled motor vehicle in the center lane of I-95 northbound near Exit 15 in Norwalk early Saturday, waiting for a tow truck to arrive, when an ...

Published: Dec 07, 2019 @ 02:28:00 AM
Source: StamfordAdvocate

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Tesla changed the release dates for the most and least expensive versions of the Cybertruck by a year
Tesla said the three-motor Cybertruck would enter production in late 2021, while production for the single-motor Cybertruck would begin in late 2022.

Published: Dec 06, 2019 @ 03:59:00 AM
Source: Business Insider

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Tesla on auto-pilot collided Saturday morning with a state police cruiser
Police said both troopers were behind the disabled vehicle with their emergency lights activated and a flare pattern behind the cruisers. While troopers awaited a tow truck, a 2018 Tesla Model 3 ...

Published: Dec 07, 2019 @ 02:05:00 AM
Source: Chicago Tribune

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Tesla Changes Production Timeline Of Both Expensive And Affordable Cybertruck Trims
Despite its futuristic and never before seen design, the Tesla Cybertruck has attracted at least 250,000 pre-orders since it was unveiled last month. While the overall design of the all-electric ...

Published: Dec 06, 2019 @ 10:30:00 PM
Source: International Business Times

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Tesla Cybertruck's more powerful versions get production priority
Tesla CEO Elon Musk most recently suggested the electric carmaker has already received ... This seems like a pretty typical move, to launch the trucks with the highest chance of profitability first.

Published: Dec 06, 2019 @ 04:38:00 AM
Source: CNET

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Tesla driver who hit 2 cars says he used autopilot
State Police said troopers responded to Interstate 95 northbound early Saturday in Norwalk, Connecticut for a disabled car on the highway and stopped their cruisers behind the car, with their ...

Published: Dec 07, 2019 @ 02:51:00 AM

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The Tesla Cybertruck is the first stainless-steel vehicle since the ill-fated DeLorean — here's a closer look at both
There's are some similarities between both vehicles and John DeLorean and Elon Musk. But the Cybertruck and the DeLorean are also quite different.

Published: Dec 04, 2019 @ 11:07:00 AM
Source: Business Insider

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Can You Judge The Tesla Cyber Truck By Its Exoskeleton?
TSLA TSLA fell over 6% following Elon’s awkward debut of the Tesla Cyber Truck, which ended in a few broken windows and ostensibly broken promises. Telsa’s new truck is taking an enormous style risk ...

Published: Nov 26, 2019 @ 10:14:00 AM
Source: YAHOO!

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Can Tesla’s Cybertruck Shape the Burgeoning Electric Truck Market?
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Published: Dec 07, 2019 @ 12:46:00 AM
Source: Greentech Media

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Published: Dec 07, 2019 @ 02:27 PM
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Tesla May Pop 50% If China, Cybertrucks Succeed, Analyst Says
Brown/AFP/Getty Images Tesla Inc. shares may rise to as much as $500 if its Cybertruck becomes a success ... The analyst raised his most optimistic scenario to $500 from $440 per share, saying it ...

Published: Dec 05, 2019 @ 09:17:00 AM
Source: Bloomberg

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