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Stan Lee News

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Silver Surfer as Rabbi Eliezer? Stan Lee book unmasks superheroes’ Jewish roots
Liel Leibovitz's biography posits that not only are many superheroes Members of the Tribe, but their philosophies are bound up in tradition, too ...

Published: May 27, 2020 @ 06:31:00 PM
Source: The Times of Israel

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Mallrats 2 Will Be a Multi-Generational Tale That Closely Resembles the Original
Stan Lee is featured on the original 1995 poster, but he sadly passed away in 2018. However, there will more than likely be more than a few tributes to the Marvel Comics maestro when Smith gets done ...

Published: May 28, 2020 @ 01:59:00 PM
Source: MovieWeb

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Book Review: Stan Lee, the Astonishing Mr. Marvel!
Stan Lee was,in some ways, Walt Disney’s successor, an avuncular public figure co-creating and promoting an empire of marvelous characters who would eventually generate billions of dollars in revenue.

Published: May 22, 2020 @ 11:07:00 AM
Source: Wall Street Journal

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Stan Lee Autographed Copy Of Marvel Age #41 Ending On ComicConnect
Stan Lee fans are always looking for iconic shots of the Marvel icon, especially since his passing in November 2018. Comic fans miss him, and many wanted to meet him, shake his hand, and get his ...

Published: May 20, 2020 @ 03:25:00 AM
Source: Bleeding Cool

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Veteran Malaysian artist Stan Lee offers free online art classes during MCO
Lee used to conduct art classes at his bungalow in Paramount Gardens, Petaling Jaya, but has had to shift gears because of the MCO.

Published: May 15, 2020 @ 12:46:00 PM
Source: The Star

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Stan Lee Will Get a Clever Tribute in Mallrats 2: Twilight of the Mallrats
Stan Lee had such a great impact on pop culture that his fans number not just among regular readers, but other major filmmakers and artists as well. Kevin Smith is one such filmmaker who has ...

Published: May 03, 2020 @ 06:41:00 AM
Source: MovieWeb

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'Capone' director Josh Trank shares details on 'Star Wars' spinoff movie that never was, pivotal 'Fantastic Four' meeting with Stan Lee
In a wide-ranging interview, the "Capone" director describes how Stan Lee endorsed his vision for a key "Fantastic Four" character, and what his Boba Fett movie might have had in common with ...

Published: May 12, 2020 @ 08:35:00 AM
Source: YAHOO!

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Funko Announces New Stan Lee MCU Cameo Pop
Funko has announced another Stan Lee Pop depicting one of his iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe cameos. From the movie Thor: Ragnarok Barber Stan Lee makes getting his Pop debut. This will make the ...

Published: May 11, 2020 @ 11:25:00 AM
Source: Bleeding Cool

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Kevin Smith Confirms Stan Lee Scene in Mallrats Sequel
Obviously, Stan Lee won't be in it because Stan's passed ... oh that's clever' and even if I wasn't me and I just liked my movies I would be like 'that's a good, what a good, what a way to ...

Published: May 02, 2020 @ 09:58:00 AM

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Kevin Smith shares behind-the-scenes tale of one of Stan Lee's very first cameos
Speaking to Total Film, Smith explained that not only was getting Lee a dream come true, it was something he never even considered possible. "In the first draft of the movie there was no Stan Lee — ...

Published: May 05, 2020 @ 04:14:00 AM
Source: Syfy

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Funko's Stan Lee Thor: Ragnarok Cameo Pop Figure is Almost Here
Back in February at New York Toy Fair, Funko unveiled a Pop figure featuring Stan Lee in his cameo character from Marvel's 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok. Lee played a jittery barber that was tasked ...

Published: May 08, 2020 @ 05:25:00 AM

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