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Popeyes Chicken Sandwich News

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McDonald's disappointing new menu item proves how badly the chain needs to invest in a new chicken sandwich after Popeyes' runaway success
This week, McDonald's entered the chicken sandwich battle arena. But, its fighter failed to live up to expectations.

Published: Sep 14, 2019 @ 02:44:00 AM
Source: Business Insider

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Chicken Sandwich Wars: Popeyes Tells Customers To 'BYOB'
Popeyes is telling its customers to BYOB, but it is not what you’re thinking. The company is offering a solution to its wildly popular chicken sandwich shortage by letting its customers "bring ...

Published: Sep 12, 2019 @ 01:16:00 PM
Source: YAHOO!

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Now Popeyes is trolling America by inviting people to make their own chicken sandwiches
A chicken sandwich is seen at a Popeyes, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019, in Kyle, Texas. A chicken sandwich is seen at a Popeyes, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019, in Kyle, Texas. Caption Close A chicken sandwich is ...

Published: Sep 12, 2019 @ 10:05:00 AM
Source: Houston Chronicle

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Published: Sep 17, 2019 @ 02:25 AM
Source: Tierra Hosting

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DIY Solution To Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Shortage Is BYOB
Popeyes sold out of its chicken sandwich inventory for the rest of the month. The chicken chain says customers can bring their own bun, order chicken tenders and make their own sandwich.

Published: Sep 12, 2019 @ 11:11:00 PM
Source: NPR

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Popeyes BYOB Chicken Sandwich Hack Turned Out to Be a Remarkably Brilliant Idea (But Where's the Sandwich?)
Now you can make your own Popeyes chicken sandwich but--surprise--you've got to bring your own bun. Yesterday, fast-food chain Popeyes decided to do something about it's really big problem. After ...

Published: Sep 12, 2019 @ 10:15:00 PM
Source: Inc. on

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Popeyes told customers to bring their own buns to get chicken sandwiches — but some workers say they were left out of the loop
Business Insider spoke with multiple Popeyes employees who had never even heard of the "Bring Your Own Bun" program.

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 07:46:00 AM
Source: Business Insider

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The Popeyes chicken sandwich is hurting military readiness
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen set the world on fire Aug. 12 with the release of a new crispy chicken sandwich that the New Yorker called an “exquisite slab of chicken breast, hefty and juicy and ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 06:19:00 AM
Source: Marine Corps Times

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Popeyes Is Cool With You Bringing Your Own Bun for a Makeshift Chicken Sandwich
The hype surrounding Popeyes new chicken sandwich has been nearly unprecedented. I say "nearly" because though the critically-lauded fast food sandwich sold out nationwide — even allegedly leading a ...

Published: Sep 12, 2019 @ 01:10:00 PM
Source: YAHOO!

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Twitter Reacts to Popeyes’ ‘Bring Your Own Bun’ Gimmick After Chicken Sandwich Sellout: ‘We’re Not Laughing’
The people want Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich and they want it now! Stars Who Tried Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Before It Sold Out In an effort to address the demand for its now-sold-out new menu item, ...

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 08:11:00 AM
Source: Us Weekly

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Popeyes Says You Can BYOB And Make Yourself A Chicken Sandwich
(CNN) — Popeyes knows you’re still sad about its chicken sandwich shortage. That’s why it’s suggesting a quick fix to ease your chicken sandwich cravings. Introducing BYOB: Bring Your Own Bun.

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 06:35:00 AM
Source: CBS Local

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Popeyes asks customers to bring their own bun for chicken sandwiches
Popeyes has brought a new meaning to BYOB: Bring your own bun. The chicken restaurant has come up with a temporary fix to the fact its popular sandwich has been sold out at many locations by ...

Published: Sep 12, 2019 @ 11:37:00 AM

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Miss the Popeyes chicken sandwich? The chain offers solution while they are sold out
Popeye's is asking people to B.Y.O.B. -- "bring your own buns" -- after the chain sold out of their wildly popular new chicken sandwich in Aug.

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 04:39:00 AM
Source: YAHOO!

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